Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Music groups!!!!!

Today we made our own music! We use lots of instruments like the flute, the drums, the keyboard and the recorder. We used cords as well. We really enjoyed it. We have been working on it for four weeks and the outcome was great.
Today we completed our music. We were put into the position of composers and, working as a team, we finished writing our pieces. We used drums, guitars and the stepped glockenspiel to create a rondo form piece of music... We played guitar, then drums, then guitar again, then we did a glockenspiel solo, finally finishing of with,once again, guitar.  We blended the instruments to create different textures.

Music fun!!!!

A few weeks back we were split into groups and set a task to make up a piece of music. Since then we have experimented and formed our peice of music. Each week each group would perform what they'd done and I have to say we have all excelled massively in our music our structure and dynamics! This week was our last and I'm really proud of our final peice.Lots came out of letting us make our own music as we could be creative and let our imagination help us along the way. Since year4 we have been lucky enough to have our very own viola teacher, Mrs Ruscow. I had never done viola before and it has been a great experience. I hope I get more opportunities like this later in future as it has been so fun!

Upland year 6 beats

In music we are learning how to conduct and preform a piece of music .we have been using different techniques such as : chords,notes,structure and many more. It's been difficult but with help from our music teacher Mr Gregory we are nearing success. We have used various instruments like :African drums ,maracas ,xylophone and boomwhackers.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Mysterious super group

Over the past 3 weeks we have been learning and composing a piece of music to publish on our blog. We have used the structure of ABA. We have also used a thick, thin and back to thick texture.

Summer pigeons with a hint of lemon - music video

In music we were allowed to be creative so we listened to every instrument and made the perfect tune! Our tempo was allegro, fast, which helped structure a happy tune. Our tibre was drums and sometimes viola. Our texture was thick and effective. Our structure was rondo form (ABACA). Our dynamics was crescendo. Mr Gregory helped us with our drum beat so that the viola and piano could make a tune best to fit. We hope you love it! Thank you !!!

Magic music 

Over the past few weeks we have been composing our own music. We used an a b a structure which is a piece of music followed by a different piece and then returned to the same piece it started started with a thin texture and then to a thick then back to a thin texture.